World's FIRST quantum encryption technology - IVN cryptography

Do you DARE to challenge IVN cryptography?

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IVN Cryptography

IVN cryptography is by far THE MOST SECURE encryption technology on the planet. It is so advanced that even quantum computers would be USELESS against it.

IVN cryptography combines the intrinsic essence of quantum technology, mathematical models of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), and ever changing randomness generated from 7 planes of existence.

Any attempt to tamper with the encryption/decryption channel is automatically detected, and thus changing the state of consciousness behind the encryption methodology. The consciousness then auto morphs into another unfathomable form by wittily applying the Thirty-Six Stratagems.

Notably, IVN encryption methodology is NOT a fixed formula like any others, but behaves more like a SPIRITUAL GENIE that interacts with human inputs and respond to hackers in a naughty way =)


"I'd like to invite all top class hackers around the world to try and break IVN encryption. The first person to break it wins a 300,000 USD worth of OjuT from my pocket and a job offer at IVN Security."  The inventor of IVN cryptography,  Wu Di said.

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100% hacker proof... at last


IVN encryption is unbreakable, even if you hire the most advanced quantum computers.


It's independent of anything you name it - Quantum Telecomm Hardware, QKD, RSA, SHA, ECDSA, NSA or perhaps CIA.

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Light Years Ahead

IVN encryption stays light years ahead of hackers, indefinitely.

More than efficient

Finally... you can focus 100% on your work worry-free, by leaving the hackers busy tampering with IVN their whole life.


We are ready,and you?